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Welcome to our new website.

2018-05-22 10:00

During the spring, our new website has been formed to the website you see now. For many years, we have concentrated on making sure that you have a wonderful experience with the Blue Train during the journey itself. Now we take the next step and update with a new website.

What is new?

A more modern website that works as well on your mobile as on your computer. The new website is also encrypted with SSL and has a new nice interface. We will the next days and months update our website with small improvements to make sure you get an even better experience. We welcome comments regarding the website to info@blataget.com All opinions are welcome.

GDPR, Personal Data etc.

With our new website, all customer information has been removed from the web and we have saved our old website to create passenger lists and some will be saved as some legal requirements force us to do so. However, the old side is locked only to us on the Blue Train administration.

More information will be published during the week and you can also read more about how we safely handle your customer information.

If I need a receipt or a ticket from the previous website, how do I do?

You will need to email us your information to info@blataget.com and we will help you with that.

Thank you for joining us!